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I was getting onto an elevated toll from the airport last night, started merging left when I caught a car coming up very fast and jinking hard right into my lane to overtake an old Mitsubishi. I swerved back to the right, and a black 67 Mustang comes blatting by, missing me by inches. The guy in front of me had already merged before this joker came out, so horse-boy jinks left and almost takes out the Mitsubishi.

This is in the pouring rain, and horse-boy is in a cart-sprung, live-axle Mustang with a straight-pipe exhaust and wide aftermarket rims (looked like big 255 tires). Yeah. Rain is always safer with wider tires... [/sarcasm]

Pissed, but I'd seen it coming and had gotten off with no issues. So I drive like normal (nice place to pulse-and-glide, lots of dips and rises) as he zooms off into the distance, and a few miles later, I see him up ahead, near the toll booths. Mitsu-boy has caught up with horse-boy and is mad-dogging him. Finally, he blocks the Mustang in (which is not just black... it's rattle-can black), jumps out of his car (wife screaming at him from the passenger seat) and starts to kick the bee-jesus out of the Mustang.

I'm already next in line for my toll gate, so I can't pull out to take pics, so I point it out to the traffic enforcers. Also couldn't stop after the gates to rubberneck, had a car full of kids, so I never found out what happened.

The lasting impression I got of the whole thing: Man, that exhaust was terrible. I've heard fart-canned Civics that sounded better. Probably wasn't getting good mileage, either, and needed a tune, considering a 1.6 liter econobox had managed to haul him down pretty easily.
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