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Originally Posted by UltArc View Post
No STi in the garage? I'd like to see your numbers.
No, you wouldn't. If I put the Subie numbers on here I'd probably incite some road rage myself! It doesn't do horribly, but the simple truth is that hypermiling in an STi is like trying to teach a pig to dance.

I bought the car when gas was much, much cheaper and I was driving far, far fewer miles. When my weekly mileage jumped up I bought the Fit, which literally paid its way in fuel savings alone.
Originally Posted by niky View Post
[...]Mitsu-boy has caught up with horse-boy and is mad-dogging him. Finally, he blocks the Mustang in (which is not just black... it's rattle-can black), jumps out of his car (wife screaming at him from the passenger seat) and starts to kick the bee-jesus out of the Mustang.
I once saw a guy jump out of his car at a stop light, run up to the car in front of him, and start kicking away at the driver's door.

Thing was, he hadn't set the handbrake on his own vehicle, and it started rolling away -- door hanging open, engine running. He kept on kicking that other car until he heard the whomp of his car slamming backwards into another car, which was helpless to move out of the way due to traffic.

This was during the chaos and mayhem that passes for Christmas shopping season. Tensions were probably high even before anyone turned an ignition key.
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