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Of course, the car kicked out a P0404 code, meaning that the EGR position sensor performance is faulty. Also, after about 5 minutes of operation, the EGR system got commanded to a continuous duty cycle of 0%. I think the engine computer is not liking that resistor in series with the sensor power wire.

I must tackle this from a different direction, it would seem.

Originally Posted by pete c View Post
I am a far cry from any sort of expert on modern engine control systems, but, I wonder if this will cause issues with things as the TPS position will be different from what it thinks it should be.
I am not sure this will be the case, at least with the TPS. MAP sensor readings might, however, cause the engine computer to throw another code.

Originally Posted by pete c View Post
My guess is that you may have some drivability issues around town but, not so much at steady state cruise on the highway. Maybe wiring things so you could switch between the standard setup and a modified one would be possible once you have attained cruising speed. Perhaps even use a variable resistor so you could fine tune it as you drive.
Yah, that's a good question. I'm not sure this mod is even allowable for my car.

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Good luck with it.
Thanks! heh...
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