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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
I once saw a guy jump out of his car at a stop light, run up to the car in front of him, and start kicking away at the driver's door.

Thing was, he hadn't set the handbrake on his own vehicle, and it started rolling away -- door hanging open, engine running. He kept on kicking that other car until he heard the whomp of his car slamming backwards into another car, which was helpless to move out of the way due to traffic.

This was during the chaos and mayhem that passes for Christmas shopping season. Tensions were probably high even before anyone turned an ignition key.
That's missing the forest fire for the trees.


Funniest road rage I've ever seen was when I was driving down an elliptical road, and two cars split me, engines roaring. One was a taxi, the other was a... Mitsubishi. (Do I get a check for the adclicks generated? And what's with all these Mitsubishi drivers? ) The guy in the Mitsu rolls down his window, shouts across at the taxi driver while waving his hand, and then throws an air freshener at the taxi...

An air freshener. The bloody horror. Nothing scarier than a flimsy tin can filled with perfume hurtling at your (closed) side window.
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