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Replies and some background info

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Thanks for your appreciation and to answer your points on braking I have a detailed response below

Reply to metromizer
I’m not familiar with the term “high-centering”, but if you can provide a link or technical explanation I will attempt to answer as best I can. The detail on brakes used during the test may answer your question though.

About the first test and brakes used
During the video test, the brakes were used only very gently, for two reasons. Firstly the road surface was in poor condition. It had been years since I had used the airfield facility ( I used to use it regularly for mapping and set-up work on racecars) and the asphalt sections have deteriorated significantly. The concrete sections are still sound but everything is now covered in small stones from the asphalt which acts like “marbles” and makes cornering particularly difficult. These don’t really show up on the video but were a significant factor in how I chose to drive the vehicle. Secondly, during that test only the rear brake was used.
The brakes are a “linked” system with a single foot operated pedal and individual front and rear hydraulic circuits. However due to time constraints during the preparation for the test I elected not to run the front brakes, (basically I had a bleeding issue that I could not overcome in time) and to drive cautiously to compensate.

I am currently scouting locations for my next test, which will include opportunities to test handling and braking to a far greater degree, and more side-by-side photography (with wool tufts) with improved camera platform stability. The vehicle is still not road legal so a suitable yet cheap venue must be found.
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