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Building a car from scratch- how would YOU do it?

So lets say you were going to build a car from scratch and design it from the get-go to get the best mileage possible. The only restriction that I would put on it is that it has to be a full ICE drivetrain- no hybrids, no electrics. Two occupants (driver/passenger) and enough cargo space to have room for a weeks worth of groceries for 2 people.

So, how would you do it?

I personally would build a rear wheel drive with a fwd engine/transaxle in the rear, with the occupants side by side in front of it, and low to the ground, and very low profile. You'd have to step down into it. It would be no taller than required for reasonable comfort and enough height to accommodate the engine and radiator. It would also be just wide enough to handle the tires, with the rears enclosed in wheel skirts, and the fronts fendered but open like on most cars. The engine would be a 3 or 4cyl low displacement engine (1.0l would be more than enough) and the transmission a manual. Tires would be the narrowest I could find, and the body would be fiberglass.

But, I know little about car design. How would you do it?


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