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Feedback after a 120+ mile commute to and from work: Eh... Maybe?

The engine computer seems to be satisfied with the 220 ohm resistor. There were a few instances where the engine computer appeared to double-check the EGR valve position, both to and from work. However, it did not throw any code, nor does it have a pending code.

If I am to believe the trip fuel consumed figure of 2.24 gallons consumed, on my return leg commute, then it would appear to be that I somehow got 27.1 MPG on that 60.6 mile leg. This would be better than the 24 MPG I would otherwise get on this leg. However, many things occurred which call this figure into question - namely, it rained (so the road was wet for most of the commute), heavier-than-normal 1 AM traffic proved to be somewhat of a challenge, and the turnpike section was completely under construction (forcing me to slow down to below 60 MPH). (side note - You know, Rt 8 well and truly needs to be resurfaced, and has needed it for several years now, but they decided instead to resurface the far left lane of I-80 - which had just gotten resurfaced last year! @$#%#^$)
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