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You know you're an ecomodder if...

1) You read all the pages of this thread

2) When your best MPG with your girlfriend's car is the same as your fathers worse MPG in his car. (Peugeot 1.4 vs. Chevy Spark 1.0. My father could do better, but he doesn't want to.)

3) You curse like hell when a pedestrian crosses the street where they shouldn't, and you have to slow down because they are crossing the street slow as snails.

4) EVERYONE, and i mean everyone passes you, including: Yugo, Buses, Beetle...

5) You just don't understand people who drive like maniacs, yet they tend to complain about fuel prices.

6) You cheer when you come home from college, get to drive your fathers car and get 51 MPG's/4,5L/100km in comparison to his 36 MPG's/6,5L/100km and thinking "This uses almost no fuel compared to the Peugeot"

7) Your gf says "The low fuel light is on ! " And you're like "So what ?"

8) You keep a fuel log and tell with excitement how much Km's you with one filling, but nobody seems to care except for a one friend who is also a Ecomodder Saks

9) Your girlfriend seems to be very fine with the way you drive, even reminds you that you just went over 55 Mph/90 Km/h

10) You don't understand people who say that they only get 23.52 Mpg/10L/100 km, yet they shift at 3500 rpm (I get a mini heat attack when i see or hear this)

11) You try to convince people to shift at 2000 Rpm, but their argument is "that will kill the engine and choke it"

12) Same with your father, you just can't convince him.

13) You wish the city in which you study was more flat, because the big hills kill the MPG.

14) The only thing you ever pass is a tractor.

Less is more.
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