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I'm hoping that CarBEN EV5 will weigh under a ton, so your guesstimate is hopefully close to how it turns out.

I'm feeling better about the Saab 900 front suspension and the Porsche 914 rear suspension. I thin they will work well enough to test the aerodynamics and the practicality and the range of this prototype.

The other reason I can't use the 2CV suspension is the front and rear wheel tracks are the same width - CarBEN EV5 has a rear track that is 7" narrower than the front. And a big battery pack like I hope to install (50-55kWh) in CarBEN has to be in the floor, because the weight of the battery will be almost half of the total weight of the car - and that means it has to be in the floor. And it has to be between the front and the back wheels.

I'm actually working for pay this week (at an architect's office), and I'll be buying some fiberglass and the windshield soon. I also will be stopping by my local Saab dealership to see if they have a 900 I can look at. Does anybody know if the 900 has equal length driveshafts? It might even be possible to use the differential from the 900, because the engine is longitudinal, if I am not mistaken.

Sincerely, Neil
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