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Welcome to ecomodder.

You've already doubled your MPG / halved your fuel consumption by going to the Camry - that's a very good start.

Originally Posted by sully06 View Post
The reason I was thinking about staying with 14s is to keep weight down
You could be surprised by the weight of 15" or 16" "light alloy" wheels though.
The scale doesn't always agree with the "light" claim in light alloys ...

If you want to go that route for fuel saving, check first if the alloys + tire are indeed - significantly - lighter than the steelies + tyre.

While it is an eco-mod, it's one where you'd normally never or hardly ever recoup the costs.

but if I go to say a 15 or 16 there is more selection and the resale is higher since most cars can't use 14s
Buying or adding stuff to a car to improve resale value, generally never returns what you put in in the first place

Getting better Low Rolling Resistance tyres will help your MPG though - but at a price (new tyres).
As used tyres are of low value, it's often more economical to keep them than to replace them before they are worn - it also takes oil to make new tyres.
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