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Of course it won't meet VW's ... err Wayne's criteria.
It's just another publicity stunt, this time for VW.
Out of production cars are tough to sell...

Any VW Lupo or Audi A2 3L TDI would beat it.
My up! on CNG would beat it.

Do they take into account the considerably higher energy content of diesel - and its higher CO2 output ?

Diesel is NOT "Kleen" nor green.
It's the filthiest, most long-term poisonous fossil fuel available when burned in today's clean DPF-ed diesels.
The soot isn't really burned by the DPF, it's reduced to small nano-particles that no longer show up on the test equipment. It does show up in our lungs and in our blood though.

Guess why we're now moving away from diesels in Europe, despite the MPG benefit and tax benefit in some EU countries .

Don't repeat our European mistake in the US.
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