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Yes, the battery in particular and the drivetrain will be the big ticket items! I'm planning on doing a crowd funding campaign (i.e. IdieGoGo or Kickstarter) to pay for these, at least.

From my blog (in case you've missed it):

CarBEN EV5 Open Source Project Goals

*Open Source means shared ideas and shared improvements anybody can build one. Creative Commons (instead of Patents) gives attribution but lets ideas get used as much as possible.

*Build working Prototype to test efficiency and improve construction methods

*Practical and safe and highest efficiency possible using renewable energy

*300-400 Miles Range on Single Charge using ~55kWh lithium battery, <150Wh/m, >224MPGe

*Coefficient of Drag (Cd) <0.15 with 25.1 sq. ft. frontal area = CdA <3.77 sq. ft. (better than GM EV1)

Design Innovations & Key Features of CarBEN EV5

*Tapered Shape required for low drag w/ narrowed rear wheel track, covered wheels, smooth underside, crisp trailing edges aka Kamm back, wheel strakes, passive air flow through cabin

*Thermal insulation integral to chassis and dual layer windows, heated vests for passengers, slim ergonomic seats allow for air flow saving space and weight

*Center Position for driver for increased crash protection and better use of interior space, three ~6'-4+ people, one ~5'-8 person, one ~5'-0 person

*All LED lighting, ideal ecodriving design, battery pack in floor for low Cg and better handling

*Side Video Mirrors for reduced frontal area and lowered Cd
Sincerely, Neil
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