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It might even be possible to use the differential from the 900, because the engine is longitudinal, if I am not mistaken.
Frayed knot.
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
First, the engine was installed "backwards", with power delivered from the crank at the front of the car. Second, the transmission, technically a transaxle, bolted directly to the bottom of the engine to form the oil pan (albeit with separate oil lubrication). Thus, power from the crank would be delivered out of the engine at the front, then transferred down and back to the transmission below, via a set of chain-driven primary gears.
I'm feeling better about the Saab 900 front suspension and the Porsche 914 rear suspension.
"The Saab Museum--an independent history of the Saab marque
Saab Classic 900 Technical Specifications
Body: Combi Coupe, five doors, five seats, 1,174kg/2,583 lbs." "Curb weight 940 kg (2,100 lb)−995 kg (2,190 lb)"

So the SAAB is +500lb and the 914 is -3 passengers

The other reason I can't use the 2CV suspension is the front and rear wheel tracks are the same width - CarBEN EV5 has a rear track that is 7" narrower than the front.
You've got a point there. (see my Profile picture )

...heated vests for passengers...
Not the seats? Will the vests be hard-wired or powered inductively? How about radiant heaters in the dashboard/seat backs?

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