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Originally Posted by AndrzejM View Post
That's great. You have a nice setup then. Didn't get it before that you have anything else but flow sensor, and you have an additional unit to count the difference between flow sensors.
Could you please share some more details on that?
It is just logic-ic, 4011, NAND gates in a row. I made it like this, truth table:
00 0
10 1
01 0
11 0
Meaning it just subtracts outgoing fuel from ingoing.

I have it installed now in my car, and seems to work properly, no crazy jumping with instant reading, it's stable enough.

Until now, it seems to work, but i will test it with couple of tanks to see if there's something.
I will have over 500km driving at this weekend, so that is a good testing time

But funny that when i turn the key, but not start, it shows that fuel is used. At the same time when i can hear a short "whrr" from under the hood.
I did'nt know that the car pumps a little amount of fuel every time i turn the key. But that's logical, you can't start sparking with no fuel..

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