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Talking my custom CAWAI

Greetings from the Philippines!! For the past 2 days I've been searching for various in parts in doing my custom CAWAI or Cold-Air Warm-Air Intake. Having done several researches over the net Hypermilers prefer Warm Air intake (for references 65+ Vehicle modifications for better fuel economy - to improve their MPG/KML but at the expense of engine power while Cold air intake is preferred by performance tuners for extra power.

Today I tried doing the best of both worlds by doing a intake that can perform both as a CAI (on high speeds) and WAI (on low speeds) and here it is:

blue arrows - the end of this tube is directed towards the outside environment and the tube end faces and catches wind when the car moves forward

red arrows - these are holes I made to the connecting pipe which hold the two hoses, the holes serve to draw in warm air form the engine bay to the carburetor which is made during idling or slow speed which I hope would provide a better FE

blue-green triangle - the holes I made also serve another purpose. This is monsoon seasons and heavy rain and floods are now common. These Holes serve as a bypass when negotiating thru a flood, this prevents air being sucked up to the carb/intake and instead draws air again from the engine bay.

green arrow - air going to the intake

Tomorrow I'll try to post a pic with this installed on my engine.

So that's it! I hope this works! I hope that somehow my FE would improve without the expense of my engine power. I'll update you guys by next weekend.

Thanks in advance!!!

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