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id do a tadpole (reverse) trike, havds down the most stable and easiest to build..

I have actually been debating doing this for a long time .. the addition of a diesel engine could really make it shine.. however its going to take some fab work,

The motorcycle with a front passanger are is farly simple to construct, easy to get road worthy as its considered a motorcycle.. hardly any regulations.. and the skape is a natural for a ideal tear drop shaped craft...

My version would probably consist of a 125 -250 cc scooter drive line, for the ultimate in MPG's.. 250 cc scooters get great MPG and do freeway speeds.. even a 125 will do 60mph pretty effortlessly..

However a water cooled motor is preferred, use the radiator as cabin heat in the winter.. in the summer just vent to the outdoors.


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