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Originally Posted by whokilledthejams View Post

You know, I'd bet an Atom is already halfway efficient, considering it performs on par with a lot of supercars. Taller gearing and a less aggressively-tuned engine (it comes with a Chevy in the US, and a Honda in Europe, I believe).

See also: Caterham Se7en:
The Atom weighs 1400 lbs with a 245 HP Honda K20 engine. It looks like the K20 weighs in at around 350 lbs.

A 2nd Gen Honda CRX HX engine, D15B6, weighs in at .... can't find it, . Let's assume 50 lbs less than the K20 for the purpose of comparison. The HF is 62 HP. It weighs 1967 lbs. From this we can compare power/weight ratios :

2nd Gen CRX HF : 1967 lbs / 62 HP = 31.72 lbs / HP
Atom + HF engine : (1400 - 50) / 62 = 21.77 lbs / HP

The Atom+HF is better than a CRX DX :

2nd Gen CRX DX : 2102 lbs / 89 HP = 23.61 lbs / HP

This implies (to me) That an Atom+HF would get the MPG of an HF with the zoom of a DX. Coolio, .


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