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Well, my roommate is upset because I went and bought car parts instead of putting my car on power steering fluid and freon dialysis. I just decided to track down both AC hoses on, so I went to pull up a Subaru supplier to look at the diagram. They offered the parts for less than "MSRP" and the Google ad gave me a coupon code for an additional 15% off. I looked at several other sites, one had lower prices and one charged less for shipping, but the coupon code was the deal maker, at least since I did not even know how to find the part used.

"Full price" was $762.22, but I got the parts for $501.47 before shipping and handling ($71.75).

I guess that I need to find a good temp agency after finals. I have nine business days before two days of drill and fifteen days of annual training and nineteen business days before returning to school. I was supposed to work for my father, but that is not going to work out.

I want to put in my hundred hours of observation so that I can get my Speech-Language Pathology Assistant license. If everything else goes according to plan, I need that by January in order to apply for the Master's program that I want, but I would need to get out of annual training, and I do not know how likely that would happen.
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