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Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
The other runners were hilarious, because they didn't understand that there's a difference between running and racing.
Great story. There's something similar in bike racing, with a teamwork twist.

A teammate of mine once "broke away" from a large group of riders, who tried to organize themselves into a paceline to run him down. In a paceline, everyone rides single file; the intent is to ride in the slipstream of the rider in front of you in order to reduce your workload. One rider leads for a short time, then peels off to let the next rider lead, and on it goes. I was in the paceline. When I got to the front I would ease up ever-so slightly, not enough to cause a pileup behind me but certainly enough to cause the paceline to have to spread out a bit and become disorganized. This went on for several rotations of riders until one of them finally got the message; I was not about to help them catch my teammate!

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