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Well, this is my tenth post in a row. If I just hand over my money to Pep Boys, I will nearly be out of money. I really hope that I can get some feedback because I am really stressed!

I started this thread reporting that I took my car to my previous shop for a P0325, Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction. They wanted nearly $500 to fix it. My new shop said that I just needed some engine treatment and the code went away for a week and a half, but it came back yesterday, and now my engine ran a little rough.

I heard what sounded like a very rough engine and it was my car. The technician came in saying that I was only running on two cylinders, but that sounds like far worse of a problem than I had been experiencing. They say that I need a $266.80 valve adjustment, which is all labor, but the total is $300 more than that:

Engine Light diagnostic: $44.99
Shop Fee: 35.00
Tune up package
Remove and replace spark plugs: 60.03
Additional access time - remove: 64.20
and replace spark plugs:
NGK Spark Plugx4: 9.96
Adjust Valve Clearance: 266.80
Pepguard Limited Extended Labor: 58.65
BWD Custom fit ignition set: 36.39

Parts: 46.35 Labor: 436.02 Other: 93.65 Tax: 6.55 Total: 582.57

Of course, my roommate who is upset that I am not continually pouring fluids into leaky system butted in and said the entire thing is preposterous. Problems with cylinder firing are invariably the result of bad spark plugs and\or wires.

Well, they say that I need to replace those, which cost $46.35, the least expensive entry in the entire estimate. They just want to charge $124.23 to replace them.

Why don't I replace them myself and see if that fixes my problems?

They say that if the valve clearance adjustment does not fix the problem then I need new cylinders and valves.

Regretfully, I have a "service plan:"
Engine: All internally lubricated parts contained within the engine block, cylinder head(s) or rotary engine housing(s); oil pump; timing belt or chain, timing gears and timing tensioners; water pump; engine block, cylinder barrels, engine head(s), rotor housing(s) if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. Dipstick and tube; harmonic balancer; oil pan; timing chain cover.
I cannot imagine that it would cover a valve clearance adjustment and they would only cover cylinders and valves "if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part."

So, ride my bike eight miles tomorrow, replace the spark plugs and wires, and hope that it is enough?

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