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Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
Sounds like your mechanics are more interested in throwing parts (which is your money) at the problem and hoping they fix it than troubleshooting.
How many miles does the car have on it? Have you checked/posted on any Subaru forums for help?
Vskid3, thank you for your response. Hopefully any further notifications do not go to my spam folder!

The car just hit 105,000 miles after I had them replace the timing belt. I posted on, but my response notification went to my spam folder. "crewzer" wrote:

Can you double check the P035 code? I think it might be missing a digit.
I corrected my posts. It was P0325.

I also posted on and I could not find that notification in spam. I think that it was lost to the ether--or never sent:

It was running fine except for the CEL right? Then some kind of engine treatment was done, and now it's idling rough? I guess the first thing to determine is what exactly was done as part of this engine treatment. I think the best plan is you want to get it back to where it runs ok, but the CEL is on, then fix whatever is causing that. It may be the original problem was just that the knock sensor electrical connector had come loose.
I arranged for a ride tomorrow morning so that I can replace my spark plugs and wires. I could have ridden my bike eight miles each way, but I cringed at the idea of carrying all of my tools on my back!
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