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I was just looking at your pics again trying to figure out what you meant about the 3rd rib thing, and I believe you should leave it as is, you want the edge to soften as you go and I think going too soft too soon would maybe make the sides too fast. What you have looks great.

How could be the camera angle, but, it looks like the 1st rib is a bit above your cab making it stick up a bit. If this is the case, it is not good, if anything, you want the 1st rib to be a bit below your cab. Being above will trip the air up just as it is wanting to start going down the back of your cap, this will not be a smooth thing to have happen and I think it would have less than optimal results on the function of your cap. You definitely want the first rib even or slightly below the back of your cab everywhere. The fix looks easy, just cut out what you need to and add a straight coupling to lower it. If the cab bows up from the sides to the middle, you may want to bend the top of the first rib to match the shape.

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