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ok, here comes the confusion, that even i am confused with...

i am still running at an a/f mixture of approximately 14.7:1 as seen from the o2 sensor and emission tests. i do not experience preignition, knocking, pinging, and detonation or any signs of engine misfiring.

what i actually did is decrease the total amount of the a/f mixture.

let's put it this way "hypothetically". let's say my engine requires 5 grams of a/f mixture that is 14.7:1 to enter one cylinder to compress and burn. by adjusting the main jet and a/f screw appropriately, i decreased the a/f mixture which is still 14.7:1 to just 2 grams. take note that the grams that i am mentioning is just hypothetical.

will decreasing the total a/f mixture (even though 14.7:1 is maintained) hurt my engine?
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