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^^ Actually... I am thinking (lightly) about buying the empty acreage right next to the paved highway and building a garage that could house pavement-only motor vehicles
(sports/collectible cars, sportbikes, etc). I wonder how long it'd take me to bike there... or get a really fuel-efficient dirt scoot to get there and back... something like a Ruckus, or a little 125cc 4-stroke dirt bike. If I could get it from my parents, they have an unused Honda CL175. It's 70's vintage. Gets upwards of 75 mpg. In great nick, just needs the carbs rebuilt.


They just regraded the road surface yesterday, then it rained, so it's slick and sloppy. Once it dries back out, I am going to be doing some speed tests in an effort to find the most efficient way to get up and down the road. It'll take time... I'm just gonna do it each day on my commute, so 4 times a week (I telecommute on Fridays). Will try 25 mph, 30, 35, 40, and 45. Anything north of that and you're starting to get into more measurable aero resistance.

The upshots of faster speeds are that you can maintain a higher gear, and you start to "skim" over the bumps. Actually, when it gets washboarded, the most comfortable speed is 50+.
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