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Wow... I just read this whole thing... In the first 150 pages I thought I could contribute a lot... Then about page 250, my eyes got glassy... I wish it were more condensed because I know I could learn a lot if I read it again, but I can't afford the time...

I definitely want to buy a kit for the 500A controller, but it wasn't clear to me if it had taken over startup order (precharge resistor, contactor, etc) or not.

I also wanted to ask about a hybrid I want to build. A pure battery electric simply won't work for me. I'm not urban. I'm very, very rural. If I have a reason to leave home, I have an absolute minimum of 50 miles to drive. Usually a lot more. I'm considering a previously battery-filled, but now just a glider with a WarP 9 in it, F-150. I'd like to go multi-generator hybrid with it. But, after rectifying the A/C output, it's still bouncy. Put with that a bank of regular car batteries... Why? To accelerate. Regular car start batteries are made to deliver a pulse, then recharge. It's their purpose and they've been doing it a long time. So, how do I put this controller, those batteries, and 2 or 3 generators together and not blow it up? Overcharge the pack? Rippley DC? Draw down on the batteries during accel and not pop the gen breakers?

I know I can roll it at 45 to 55 mph and pull batter/gen amps in reason. Becoming emissions free, green elitist, etc., is not the goal, nor is it even possible with my needs. What I'm trying to do is create a better drive system that I can work on in the sticks and dirt. A small generator motor I can rebuild in a few hours. And, the vehicle is still usable due to redundancy and modularity. Just replace a generator. Fix it while still being able to drive it. When you live out here, that's very important. If I 'get stuck' with a dead car, I'm seriously screwed! It's a step in the right direction, waiting for batteries to grow up.

I currently drive a VW TDI w/ tall skinny tires and an econo-minded ECU chip. It has 360,xxx miles on it. Over 50mpg. But it's time for something else... And I want it to be a serial hybrid F-150 rolling on 35in tires... I'll miss the crazy deep triple digit speed that TDI can get up to, and I'll probably miss the 50mpg, too... But I need something with redundancy, easier maint/repair and a drive train I won't have to worry about in this lifetime, which also has some payload capacity.

Who can throw me a bone?
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