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Did what I needed 2 do!

Im realistically flat roads straight Hiways so pulse n glide and coastdown is as great an effect as possible anywhere.
Today I understand why the Undieing POS wont make much better than my best ever 36. That thing seriously hauls butt!
I was given the lecture bout I am second man on totem and must set example so n so n so" be on time was sum of things Monday afternoon.
Ive had no troubles all week but decided that 5 minute shower was required this morn. That stupid little car put me at job 1 minute early though my 5 minute shower ran into 15 and then dog needed to go out etc.
The engine was very happy running in upper RPMs sounded like a giant Mad Bumble Bee nest as it made Light speed, and made small dots in R/V mirror of passed traffic. SO now I see why the Undieing POS will not achieve greatness in economy further than it has without major engine MODS.
Oh yeah Those Big Drive tires really effect top end on that thing. It is a true screamer so much for my week long tank probbably lost a whole days commute.
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