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71 El Camino Mileage.

Afternoon everyone! I just found this thread and decided to chime in with my responce!

I too own a 71 El Camino and I love my truck! On a recent trip I just took via back highway, going through alot of small towns to slow down for and a couple of stops i averaged 16.8 MPG with mine. Mine does have a 350 transmission with a recent rebuild on it and a 130,XXX mile old 307 small block, 2 barrel carb, and points ignition.

My biggest advice is if you want to keep the truck for along time and get good mileage, Pull that 350 and replace it with a 305. Chevy when they hit the 350 engine mark they turned into gas hogs, going with the smaller engine and possibly opting in an overdrive transmission can gain alot!

My dad as an 87 Elky with the 305 52,xxx mileage and a 200r4 trans 102,XXX mileage. He averages about 22 MPG, and thats with alot of city mileage.

You could go the LS engine route but with the changes with headers, computers mounts and everything it runs about 1500 to drop the 5.3 ltr engine in. The 305's can about be bought a dime a dozen as everyone wants the swap in the 350s. And a 305 can be swapped out in a day or 2 easily and still reuse exhaust, transmission, hoses and everything else.

Just some food for thought!
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