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This morning on one of my best coasting stretches I got stuck behind the roadworks trucks respraying the lines. No way to pass. They were going so slow... when coasting in Neutral and riding the brake, my mpg meter read 14! It's an auto with power brakes and steering, so I normally don't go engine-off. But today, since we were only going 10 mph, I figured I'd give it a try. Shut it off in neutral, and carefully kept ahead of the curve on the brakes... because of course, the vacuum boost disappears in short order when you're coasting down a steep hill at 10 mph and riding them.

Thankfully we were going slow enough that the lack of power steering was not an issue.

I don't think it hurt the transmission. We weren't going fast enough to build up any appreciable heat... even without the trans fluid pump running. Not something I'll do on a regular basis, though.

Anyway, that last few miles going downhill with the motor off was kinda cool... infinite mpg. Bumped my average up to 26.7 per the car's meter (which is calibrated a tad conservative now... I tweaked the calibration a couple tanks ago, because it was 2 mpg optimistic).
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