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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
I wonder what kind of MPG I'd get if I ran your speed profile? My truck would be ticking over 950 RPM in double overdrive.

But I have to get out and compete (70 MPH) on the slab every day and boogie right along (60 MPH) up State Roads 9 and 67. I'm getting run off the road as is. Good thing my truck is 7,000 lb rolling fortress. I wonder if Indiana's open carry law permits a CROWS turret?

BTW I, too use the AMSOIL Diesel but I use the 10-30. Oil analysis shows that I can extend oil changes (no small issue on a vehicle that holds 3.5 gallons of oil) out to 25,000 miles. Since I split my driving between the truck and my Impala, the truck get 13,000 miles a year, so i change oil in October in odd-numbered years. I change the main and bypass filter every October whether it needs it or not. Even at 25,000 miles my analysis says I'm changing out good oil by my old-school nerves frazzle out at that interval.

I also removed the air heating coil. I couldn't even visualize a situation I would need it. My old T444E engine uses glow plugs for starting.
Yeah, my route is pretty favorable to high mpg due to the low speeds. A "normal" driver would average 35-40 mph. The average speeds I typically report are in the high 20's, but that's probably skewed a littel low since I have 5-10 minutes a day sometimes when I'm stopped but have the key on and I'm gathering info. In reality I'd say my actual average speed is around 30 mph during normal commuting.

I evny the gear setup you have. With my 6 speed I typically average 1000-1050 rpm (when the engine's running), but that's at lower vehicle speeds than you.

As far as the oil goes, this is still the first oil change on the Amsoil, but I'm getting ready for a change (14 months & 17k mi on it). I want to get an oil analysis done to see how it's holding up, particularly with all the stop/start my engine goes through. What company did you use for your analysis?
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