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More air less fuel
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The Seinfeld episode with Jimmie and his third person persona cracked me up, so I thought that I would have fun with it. I see that it didn't work....

Anyway, the car is mine, I designed and built it back in 1985-1987 and it's only purpose was to get great fuel mileage. It was originally powered by a 1980 VW diesel that I added a Rajay turbo to and ran about 9 psi of boost. It got about 65mpg at 65 mph back then. Now it has a 1.9 TDI AFN motor in it and gets 74 mpg at 60 mph. The tune that was in it was more performance oriented and dumped a lot of fuel during hard acceleration. Fun, but not as efficient. The newest tune is much cleaner, albeit not as fast. Engineering tradeoffs....
I made the body out of poly isocyanate foam board and covered it in glass and epoxy resin. The frame is a space frame made from 316l stainless steel. I know, what was he thinking! (I hate rust!) Front suspension is modeled after the Ford Mustang II/ Pinto set up, just copied it out of stainless.
The rear suspension is made up of the strut and brake/spindles from a 1972 Datsun 240Z. Front and rear have coil-overs. The engine/transaxle is in the rear as a mid engine layout. DLC PP520 injectors, VNT-17 turbo, water cooled intercooler, fabricated intake, 2.5 exhaust with Magnaflow muffler, tune,
thinnest head gasket, port clean up, unshrouded valves, air/oil separator, and I forget what else!
The windshield is from a McLaren, the door frames, hinges, and latches are from a 1967 Corvette, taillights are 1982 aftermarket Corvette, side markers are Ford truck, front directional are 1972 Camaro.
I designed this car on paper after being hit broad side on my motorcycle at an intersection by a drunk chic. Cops never figured that part friend did.
I had plenty of time to do this as I was laying in a bed for a good part of a year with a couple casts on.
Hope that helps.
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