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Originally Posted by ever_green View Post
get up to speed how? if you mean WOT then no, that gives me horrible mileage. anything above 3000rpm and my car really burns a lot of gas. high load and over 2500rpm it also burns a lot of gas. I found being gentle is the best. accelerating at 30kw power range.

I certainly never go full throttle. just a 1/3 throttle is enough to achieve 0 vacuum at 1500rpm. but it seems it would be better to shift at say 2000rpm vs. 1500 from my experiments while making the same amount of power. the difference is not that great but its there...this is for around town driving though. on the highway I can pass without downshift due to the 4.11 final drive that puts me in 2500rpm at 65mph. but I found whether I pass at full load or ~70% manifold pressure doesnt make much difference at those speeds.

so in my notes higher loads are better at higher vehicle speeds while lower loads lead to better results in city driving.
Yea that's what I observed, trying to drive at only 1000rpm and shifting below 2000 didn't return very good gas mileage. I don't let the engine rpms get below 1500rpm if I need to accelerate at all. I tend to just give it the beans and hit 3000 or higher because my gearing is short, car is light, and it's kind of fun to do that in first.
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