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well bad news bears guys

had a huge flood in the area drove the car into a huge unsuspecting water hole.

flooded the inside of the car up to my waist. car stalled pretty soon to hitting water.

waited a day and the next day I checked the air filter it looked ok

had to rejump the battery. after that I disconnected the distributor and took the spark plugs out and cranked the engine over a few times. then I plugged them back in and tried starting it up now it wont turn over.

getting it towed to a shop to find out whats all wrong with it. with the ecu submerged. the wiring under the dash. air filter. water getting anywhere it shouldn't be iv no idea where to start. CEL is on but cudnt read any codes.

ill update later on the status of it. if it get it all figured out ill do that oil test again for sure.

but I might be completely sol on this situation
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