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The emissions requirements are working . . .

Originally Posted by kimer6 View Post
Can't move out. The roots run deep here. At 60 years old its too late to start over. And what starts in Kali will spread like ghonorrhea to the next state. My buddy says the NWO is the problem. The sheep are being fattened. This one is armor plated.. and will not get on the FEMA bus.

For readers outside the USA... "The Land of Freedom" died shortly after 9/11/01. Step out of line and get fined, jailed, taxed, or Breitbatred.

As it pertains to diesels... they are even emissions testing new vehicles. Some big trucks are being required to be retrofit with $30,000 USD catalyst and liquid urea systems before the license is renewed.
It seems draconian, but it is an absolute necessity in a large populous state with several large valley areas with stagnant weather patterns. Every small bit of pollution gets trapped and concentrated.

California is the testing ground for the rest of the nation. We pay higher costs of living partly because of the environmental needs our geography and population distribution impart.

I see the big difference between the Mexican trucks that cross the border into San Diego. Smoke pouring out of older unregulated diesels offsets the Cali-Clean trucks by 100 to 1. We just recently enacted laws to prevent these horrid pollution sources from operating in our valleys and undercutting the trucking businesses that have complied with the new regulations.

To say that pollution controls is a government conspiracy is utterly ignorant.

Take your non emissions vehicle and breath its tailpipe output . . . come back and tell us how you feel . . . if you can even speak.

I have several early model diesels that I run for business/personal use, and to test emissions systems in freedom. But I do not ignore the fact that my old diesels are 100 times more dirty than modern ones.
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