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Just like we have to generate electricity, we have to make fuel. Gas has to be refined from crude; it takes a lot of drilling, transportation, management, trade, war, lobbying etc. to make it all happen.
You cannot criticize the pollution from generating electricity (at least in some ways of that) and ignore the pollution generated by making gas.

The Norwegian study the article refers to has fallen under harsh criticism itself, being funded by Statoil (the Follow the money argument backfiring) and making all sorts of false assumptions. The batteries get recycled, not like 70% of them but over 99%. Electric cars are mechanically simple and can do way more than 150.000 km.
They are expensive, that's true. But once the batteries get either twice as cheap, twice as durable or twice as powerful than now there is no holding back the EV's anymore.
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For confirmation go to people just like you.
For education go to people unlike yourself.

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