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Just the energy it takes to produce a gallon of gasoline can power my electric car over 27 miles, so right there I'm displacing the pollution that is often not counted to produce gasoline, then you look at the pollution produced to burn gasoline! but gasoline refineries have huge natural gas pipe lines and high tension power lines going to them to power the refining, so as we demand less gasoline the electrical load is going to shift from powering oil refineries to recharging cars, most cars recharge at night as well so it's going to even out peek electrical loads, something oil refineries don't do.

The other argument in that link is that EV's use large amounts of rare metals... sure, but so do gasoline cars! gasoline cars use about as much aluminum in the engine block as the Leaf has in aluminum body panels, the copper in the motor for the Leaf is about as much copper as a single run of outlets in your house, but you don't have an issue with having outlets in your house, do you??? There is also a few pounds of copper in the starter and alternator of your gasoline car... why is that copper ok but the copper in an electric motor in an EV is bad!
Rare Earth magnets... the 2014 Leaf uses smaller and lighter rare earth magnets in a better designed motor that uses less electricity as well, so not perfect but better! Computer hard drives have rare earth magnets in them as well but no one is up in arms about those going to the landfill.

I knew right off tho that the author was jaded, he started out talking about $100,000+ cars owned by people who want to push a look, you don't buy a $100,000 car to save anything.
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