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Originally Posted by gascort View Post
Looks really good! I'm trying to work on cheap material sources now; used siding is a good idea!
Does it all come in strips, or is it in a sheet, just bent?
Im not sure what it comes as, but the pieces I found were about 1 ft wide, and about 6 ft long. Light gauge aluminum, it is extremely lightweight.

No problems on the way to work today. I noticed it kicked out of warmup mode about 1/4 mile sooner than usual, and the temp was a tad higher than usual, maybe 5 degrees, not much.

Not sure whats next. Ill have to see how much I actually use my passenger mirror on the freeway before thinking about taking it off and making a blocker plate. I do see how the tires could use some shielding. I might come up with a wheel flare that attaches using the same screw holes as existing trim parts. This is my nicest car and my summer ride so I want to leave everything totally reversible. The 6000 wagon you see in some of the pictures is my winter ride and Ill start a fuel log for that when the snow comes and Ill probably do some mods to that as well.

I have been thinking about wheel caps. Possibly some light gauge stainless steel circles that I can get burned here at work. Use a toggle bolt to attach it using the center hole that every wheel has.

Good to see that your Escort is doing well. I actually have a 92 wagon, 1.9 5 speed that was given to me for free last year by a friend of the family. Its a real pile, and no maintenance was ever done to it. It needs a lot of work before I think I would save any money with it. Right now it only runs on 3 cylinders, new plugs and wires didnt help. I can get a used coil pack and module for a few bucks at this one junkyard on the way downstate, Ill stop next weekend when I go. At least if I do get it running good for cheap, I would have no qualms about adding totally radical aeromods, like full nose job and boat tail, maybe even popping out the rear side windows and bending down the roof and turning it into more of a fastback. The tailgate is bashed in and doesnt even work anyway. I dont even like Fords but Im only keeping it since it probably can save me gas money in the future.

Winter daily driver, parked most days right now

Summer daily driver
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