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Renewable sources will depend on where, who, what and how much. Hydro IS limited, due to ecological, economic and etceteric concerns, and what we have already tapped is probably what we will still be tapping thirty years from now (as long as the reservoirs haven't silted up). Solar is getting cheaper, but supply and the ability to create large scale solar is not there, not quite yet. And Solar panels don't last forever. About 30-35 years at decent efficiency. Wind has myriad problems. Wave power we've been fiddling with for decades, but it is proving nearly as troublesome as wind. Geothermal... ooh. I like geothermal. But it's limited in scope.

Not that we should stop pursuing these, but EROEI and plain $RO$I for these different types of plants should also be considered. So far, hydroelectric is the best, but it is difficult to implement in the face of the need to create more great reservoirs to power it.

I like electric. I hope we can approach a point where most of our inner-city transport is electric. (levelling out the pollution, yeah). But tomorrow's fleet will have to be an eclectic mix to service our civilization. And, in the end, as the article stated, the more important matter may be changing that civilization in order to minimize the need for personal mechanical transportation, in the first place. Something which I wholeheartedly agree with.
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