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ehh, in the ranger, if it doesn't get a dose of oil in the tank, within about 3 gallons used, gets a nasty misfire/dropped cylinder at cold startup. possibly an injector issue. but if i throw in oil at a rate of 1 oz/5 gallon, it goes away after a few gallons are used.

not that using oil in fuel is really a permanant fix to a mechanical issue, but it helps that at the very least. now, if at some point it "fixed" the injector to where i wouldn't need to keep dosing the fuel with oil, i wouldn't complain at all, but i'm not expecting it.

i will say that i've gotten a record tank with it now though, a whopping 27.8MPG... which beat my previous best tracked tank by nearly 2MPG. more than just the oil contributed to that though, so i can't really quantify it as being from oil alone.
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