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all I gots to say is...AWESOME! I've been working on this exact thing off and on for a while and thought I was completely on my own, nice to know there's others more intelligent than I working on it as well. I built a usb-obdii interface using a pic and it works with pwm, which is what my car uses. I've got an extra set of chips from that project that I could use if it comes down to it, but I'd rather just use straight arduino if I can. Anyone seen any of the low-level info about pwm, besides the message formats and such? So far all I have is my 4x20 lcd hooked up and laid out, and the message frames all compiled, I just have to figure out how to get the right signals sent (whether I need to use a rs232 converter chip or if I could bit bang it or something).

Oh yeah, and another thing I learned from my last project is...SAMPLES!!!! I didn't have to pay for a single chip on that project, plus I have extras now to use if need be

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