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what age were you when YOU decided....

after learning that fast driving, high rpm's, and heavy braking were
not something that you intended to continue in your life, at least
most of the time regarding your OWN vehicles???
Many of us who drive on jobs must drive total opposite of calm
to please the companies we represent.
For me it was not an abuse case, but just a common but
serious to me $ wise that caused me to walk about 5-6 miles to
work until my 1st car was fixed.
The $ it took to fix was so hard to get that abusive driving was
out of the question for me at 19 years old.

I was about 26 when as a personal game, I starting pumping up
tires to 50#'s on an old '62 Bug, and limited my speed to around 45mph.
to see what I could get. (around 45mpg.)

Then came multiple vehicles, some for mpg's, others for classic
high performance image anyway.

What is your story???

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