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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
but you used %99 efficiency in converting electricity to heat, when the question was about making heat from electricity, that got more than a little misleading.
How it is misleading?

The electricity can be converted to heat at over 99% efficiency ... that's what I wrote... that's what can be done ... under some setups you can even store more than 100% of the electrical joules you started with as joules of heat ( thanks to heat pumps ).

- - - - - -

Also it might be useful to keep in mind the context of the reply:
My reply was not in response to someone asking about making heat from electricity as you claim here.

It was claimed Grid Storage = bad idea ... reason given ( 30% assumed loss )

When I pointed out that not all storage systems have 30% loss ... and gave an example of one having shown only 3%.

The reply was that it wouldn't be cost effective for PV to use thermal storage.

PV in particular was not the whole grid that I was referring to previously ... and I pointed to how the thermal storage listed would be better used for other cycles than PV ... but I overlooked that narrowing of the topic , and also chose to described how it could potentially be cost effective even for PV as well... which it can.

Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
The electric companies are using lithium to store electricity, this has initial and ongoing costs with it, and alluding to %99 efficiency costs credibility in the discussion.
I did not claim 99% for the Lithium ... those are separate things.
I don't see how any credibility is cost at all???? please explain??

I agree ( and never said otherwise ) that Lithium has costs , initial and on going ... it has other cons as well... which I have mentioned... all the options have pros and cons.

I brought the Lithium example up in response to the claim that :
"As far as storage batteries you cant use lithium, its far too expensive." ... which the evidence at hand seems to show that some utility companies disagree with that claim... as they have and are using it for just that very thing.
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