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Streamlined Citroen ZX

Good day, ecomodders!

Here is my latest project - Citroen ZX.

This was actually the experimental part of my master thesis. I needed to analyse how drag affects a moving vehicle and how it's aerodynamics could be improved. So here is what I did. Firstly I created a rough model using Autocad.

Then tested it with Autodesk CFD Project Falcon

Then did the modifications and here is the final model

Put it in the CFD and got a Cd of 0.23

NOW here is the interesting experimental part. The build began from the underside. Policarbonate and sheet metal was used

Then the boat tail construction started

Boat tail underside made from textolite

First test run early in the morning

Tuft testing

Covered the rear wheel arches, partially blocked radiator ventilation and covered the fog lights + some final touches. And I give You the final result

The summary

The master thesis was graded as almost perfect. So first mission accomplished. Due to the lack of time and money the detail of this project could have been better.

Currently I've removed all of the mods to adjust the brakes fix the clogged exhaust system and to make the car mechanically sound so to pass the mandatory checkup.

The fuel consumption

Orginal car ABA testing did 31.36mpg @ 56mph (speed limit).

Modified car same road same speed but warmer weather did 49mpg. This mpg increase is very close to the one that was theoretically estimated. Yet currently Citroen without the mods is showing a significant increase in mpg compared with the old testing. This might be due to the exhaust system fix and the warmer weather we are having right now.

Future plans

Make the boat tail shorter and more practical. Connect to the ECU to take control of the fuel mixture.

If you took the time to read this
You are awesome.Feel free to like and share my FB page.

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