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My thoughts about high-centering

Although I wasn’t familiar with the term “high-centering”, which we call ”beaching” in the UK (obviously less descriptive than the US term), I have given some consideration to the problem. Although significantly longer wheelbase than traditional motorcycles, the vehicle still compares well by car standards. In fact the ground clearance (currently 150mm) could go down to 100mm and still compare well with a traditional sports car (MR2/350Z). So I don’t see this as a major problem.

Of course when banked over, all motorcycles risk contact with the ground at extreme angles and this will be no different. I won’t achieve lean angles like a sports bike but I will do better than cruisers. Some of the earlier pictures and video do not show this clearly but on my next test ride I will make a point of showing the ground proximity during cornering. I have a GoPro camera with which to get better images on the next video.

I have made another comparison image which shows the Project 100 vehicle against the Peraves Monotracer and the Suprine Exodus.

Although this image is a bit busy, it clearly shows my “Goldilocks” design – not too short, not too long. I hope this in-the-middle philosophy will work out for me.
Project 100 link

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