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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Most folks who ride motorcycles enjoy them immensely, and enjoy good performance/economy and handling to boot.
I would really dispute claims that a motorcycle (at least one that I'd ride on the highway - 500 cc at a minimum) is really fuel efficient. I've owned a number in my life - from old 350 Hondas to 850 Suzukis - and never managed to get much over 50 mpg. Aerodynamics, I think (or rather the lack thereof), plus engines configured for power/acceleration rather than economy. Handling is OK until you find yourself in the midst of an unexpected snowstorm (not an infrequent thing hereabouts). And I've never figured out a good way to take the dog along...

But if I were going to build a car, I'd find a wrecked Honda Insight and turn it into a 3 wheeler, with a body as close to the Aptera as the engine would allow. If you insist on not having a hybrid, you could dump the batteries and add an alternator :-)
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