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I mean what will it take politically. Vision would be a start.

Originally Posted by niky View Post
Mud huts and pig-farming.
It isn't necessary to go (back?) to doing that; we're still going to have an industrialized, developed society, with electrical power, running water, refrigeration etc., just not a consumer based growth economy. A lower level of material wealth, as distinct from standard of living, than that currently found in the developed world may be necessary (possibly will be).

I'm sure any of us are capable of finding "global footprint" stats. While they vary some and not all limits are the same, most of them are currently at something like 1.2-1.5 times the Earth's supply capacity. Multiplying that by 3 or 4, let alone 8 or 9, cannot physically happen.

Doing what we do now with much less environmental impact is possible. We can also reassess societal values and design an economy that does make meeting basic human needs possible long term.
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