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Originally Posted by theCase View Post
I've got an '06 Corolla with an AT and have an average MPG of 40.40 tracked over 163,000 miles over 6 years So getting that kind of mileage is very doable. Here's my technique:
  • Pump up the tires to 40 PSI.
  • Place a corroplast air dam behind the upper grill piece along with a piece of corroplast to act as an air dam under front of the car.
  • Run a length of 3" flexi-vent pipe to act as a WAI drawing air directly behind the radiator.
  • Insulate the engine, I've got a piece of cardboard over the top of the engine to help retain heat/reduce warmup year round.
  • Block off the radiator to the point that water temps run around 195 degrees. This needs to be adjusted periodically.
  • Drive speed limit.

Most of the miles are highway as I commute 40 miles at 65 mph to work. The climate here is about 9000 DD so winter temps and snow has a definite toll, mileage in the winter drops to around 36 for me.
The thought of putting cardboard near my hot, moving parts, engine makes me nervous. Have you had any issues? I imagine there must be decent clearance between engine and hood.

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