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This paper is a synopsis of a report not a peer reviewed publication.

Originally Posted by suspectnumber961 View Post
Over-unity hydrogen generation using high voltage plasma....

In same graph, the current efficiency of hydrogen gas generation are shown; the efficiency reached 8 (that is, 800% of the expected Faradic value), and it continued during plasma electrolysis at 230 V. Faraday’s law predicts that 2440 cc should have been produced during the entire test run, but 5100 cc was measured (2662 cc excess). When we consider only hydrogen produced during periods when plasma formed, Faraday’s law predicts 905 cc, and the measured amount was 3240 cc (2335 cc excess; 2.6 times the predicted value).
They clearly state the questions they have and how they expect to move forward. This was done in 2003 and the final publication would be the definitive paper - not this one.

Their definition of Faraday Unity is electrolysis at standard temperature and pressure (STP). They are saying they have exceeded THAT definition of unity. They do not produce MORE power than they are putting into the system - the traditional OVERUNITY holy grail. They make it clear that they have identified streams of energy losses that were not accounted for in their efficiency calculations and their 103% efficiency would certainly be below 100% once all is said and done.

This paper does NOT support over-unity.
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