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Originally Posted by Grant-53 View Post
I hope the motorcycle aerodynamic thread is helpful.
The aerodynamics thread has not lived up to my expectation, but I want to thank you and all others who contributed.
My aim was to enlist some of the bright minds from the aerodynamics forum who would otherwise not be focussed on motorcycle issues. In practice almost all input was from our traditional group of motorcycle enthusiasts and so this added nothing that has not been covered in the "Motorcycle Aerodynamics - A slippery and windy slope" thread.

I had hoped more research material would surface, but it seems there's a lack of good info out there. I did find some interesting stuff myself, but not much new, and here is a link to an entertaining youtube video

Wilhelm Herz auf NSU Delphin III - YouTube

On a more positive note, I had a very interesting day yesterday when I went to Mallory Park racetrack for the "Festival Of a Thousand Bikes". Among other luminaries from the FF bike world, I had enjoyable conversations with Paul Blezard (PaulBlez who has posted earlier in this thread), Colin Russell (the driving force behind the monoliner project and Andy Tribble (owner of a Peraves Ecomobile).

Andy was nice enough to let me sit in his ecomobile and give me an unbiased opinion of ecomobile ownership, and riding dynamics - very enlightening!

Meanwhile my bodywork is making slow but steady progress, I just have to iron out a few wrinkles in the opening/closing mechanism and I will post a little video of the entry procedure and ergonomics - then its off for another test.
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