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Just put the wheel on with the holes aligned and put the bolts in. How hard can that be? My 99 has bolts too.
The hole in the center of the wheel was bigger than the center of the hub. So the wheel would not center in those days. You had to hold it up.

0 to 60 times is your concern? You aint no ecomodder if it is!

Questions about what I've wrenched on or how clear my memory is? That is way out of line. You haven't a clue. No car is everything to everyone, so just chill the hell out spaz.
So you do not dispute my technical points on the car. Good! And your memory of the car is clear! Double plus good! And you probably never worked on it, or you would just plainly say so. Either that, or you just had a flashback to the time you TRIED to work on it and that brought about your little moment of rage. So either way, thanks for confirming everything I said. Pity you choose to interpret everything personally, it is not only unprofessional, it will lead you early heart failure. Which would be a pity, because you do have technical skills. I suggest you look for help in correcting that.
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