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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post

Tires overinflated (60psi).
I applaud your efforts at improving your fuel economy, but unfortunately you've also created a car that is an extremely dangerous device for you and others around you on the road.

1. Your tire inflation pressures are 15-25psi over the acceptable maximum inflation pressure limit for any 175/50/13 or 175/70/13 tire on the market. That's a blowout waiting to happen. The highest available 175/50/13 or 175/70/13 maximum pressure for any tire of the sort on the market is 44psi, fyi.

2. Your lowered suspension, despite improving your aero-capabilities make it much more likely that if you do end up in a collision, you will not survive unscathed. Your crash-bar height at the front, at the rear, and as far as the side-impact beams are concerned is now significantly lower than that of the vehicles around you. The net result is that if you have a crash, your car will effectively pass partially underneath the other car in the incident, drastically increasing the likelihood of serious injury or fatality for you and your car's other occupants.
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